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LamaPLC: Simatic S7 SCL commands with examples LamaPLC: Simatic S7 SCL commands with examplesSCL is the most effective programming language for Simatic systems. It is high-level, suitable for cycle organization, the use of CASE structures, its code can be edited with an external editing program or created with external generators.

Last update: 19.07.2023
TIA Portal datatypesList of data types used by Simatic S7.The page contains the more modern TIA variable types as well as the earlier S7-classic types.

Last update: 19.07.2023
Simatic S7 error- and statuscodes Simatic S7 error- and statuscodesList of error codes related to Simatic communication (especially Modbus communication). I added a little to the list based on my own experience (red entries).

Last update: 18.07.2023
Metrawatt EM2389S7-1500 and Metrawatt EM2389 Modbus TCP communicationThe Metrawatt MID approved meters can be used to acquire and bill active energy in industrial, household, commercial and building management applications. The solution includes the downloadable S7 SCL source code and its description.

Last update: 18.05.2023
S7-1500 and Sicam Q200 Modbus TCP communicationS7-1500 and Sicam Q200 Modbus TCP communicationThe device measures voltages up to 480 V in 1-phase systems and in 3-wire and 4-wire systems (with neutral phase). The input circuits for voltage measurement can be used in IT, TT and TN networks. The solution includes the downloadable S7 SCL source code and its description.

Last update: 18.05.2023
Modbus for Grundfos pumpsModbus for Grundfos pumpsWith Modbus cards, Grundfos E series pumps can be controlled from the monitoring system, and all technical parameters are available from the units.

Last update: 19.05.2023
Eastron Modbus mapsEastron Modbus mapsEastron measuring units are typically 1- or 3-phase measuring units that can be purchased at extremely favorable prices (e.g. on Amazon, Aliexpress). They are usually not MID compliant. Typically, they can be used for building automation and smaller equipment. A surprisingly large number of measurements are performed, the status of which can either be viewed on the display or queried via remote access using the Modbus RTU protocol. Not all Modbus parameters are available with all Eastron devices.

Last update: 19.05.2023
UICPAL Temp.humi.sensorUICPAL Temp.humi.sensorThe relative humidity of air is the ratio of the absolute humidity in the air to the absolute humidity at saturation at the same temperature, which is a percentage. (that is, the percentage of the amount of water vapor in the air in a certain time and the amount of saturated water vapor at the temperature) is expressed by RH.

Last update: 17.06.2023

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